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SIU and the City of Carbondale are proud to announce a partnership with VEO Scooters! Before riding, view SIU's and Carbondale's scooter policies and use the bike map to plan riding routes.

Over 300 scooters are available to anyone 18+ located within the Carbondale service area, including students, Carbondale community members, and visitors.

For local Veo assistance, please call +1 (855) 836-2256 or email

How does it work?

Riding a Veo Scooter is simple! There are just three easy steps.

  1. Download the VeoRide App.
    VeoRide is available on the App Store and Google Play. This is where patrons see the service area and locations of each scooter. VeoRide is also how users pay for rides.
  2. Find an available scooter.
    Scooter locations can be found using the VeoRide app.
  3. Unlock the scooter.
    Each scooter has a QR code located between the handlebars. Scan the QR code using a smartphone and it will unlock.
  4. Ride!
    Please ride in bike lanes or on bike paths wherever possible. When neither is available, ride on the right-hand side of the road or even on the sidewalk, keeping in mind that pedestrians have the right-of-way.

Once at the destination, park the scooter in any available approved scooter parking location. To end a trip, riders take an “end of ride” photo of the properly parked scooter, not blocking the sidewalk, driveways or private property.

Remember, allow space for sidewalk accessibility when riding and parking scooters. Leave three feet of space (one scooter length) when parking to allow sidewalk access.

Please make sure scooters are parked respectfully to allow sidewalk access to all pedestrians. Remember to leave plenty of space for wheelchair access.


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Why bring Veo Scooters to the community?

"Our mission is to establish micro-mobility as a true transportation system to reduce automotive use and promote widespread utilization of shared alternative mobility in a safe and reliable way." - Veo

Southern Illinois University and the city of Carbondale have partnered to connect campus to the community by utilizing micro-mobility through Veo scooters. From the residence hall to the classroom, or from the bus stop to the office door, these scooters help people travel the last mile to their destination.


At Southern Illinois University and the city of Carbondale, Veo provides two vehicles: the Cosmo seated e-scooter and the Astro standing e-scooter.

  • The Astro standing scooter is easy to balance and includes front and rear suspension, front and rear lights and active brake lights.
  • With larger tires and a lower center of gravity, the Cosmo seated scooter provides a sense of added stability and control, increasing accessibility for those who do not want to stand for long periods, and is a preferred vehicle for riders across the age spectrum. The Cosmo also supports longer trips, with riders traveling up to one mile longer.

Learn more about the fleet models.

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Operating Policy

Policies are in place to ensure the safety of all who use the multi-use paths within our community. Please be sure to abide by policies below to make sure the paths are accessible to everyone!

The Department of Public Safety regulates e-scooters with the same policies as bicycles. For more in-depth policies and safety tips for bicycles use on campus, visit the

For more in-depth policies regarding bicycles and micromobility throughout the city of Carbondale, visit the

Rules of the Road:

  • Follow traffic rules
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Follow the flow of traffic

While they are not required for riding Veo scooters, helmets are strongly encouraged. Scooters can reach 15mph at full speed, and helmets are crucial to rider safety.

Veo Scooters may NOT be:

  • Operated while the user is impaired or inebriated
  • Operated while the user wearing earbuds or headphones
  • Brought onto the Saluki Express or any Rides Mass Transit service
  • Operated, parked, or brought inside parking garages
  • Brought indoors (inside a residence hall or other campus building, office, or residential home)
  • Operated to transport multiple riders

If users violate any of these policies, they can be issued a ticket (that could result in a fine) by the Department of Public Safety or the Carbondale Police Department and/or receive a policy violation through Veo. If the user is a student, they can also be reported to SIU Student Rights and Responsibilities.



Riders may park anywhere within the Carbondale service area that is not a prohibited zone. Prohibited parking zones include private property, anywhere that blocks sidewalk or pedestrian accessibility, landscaped areas, parking spots for cars, or building entrances and exits.

When parking a scooter, please keep in mind:

  • Riders must allow 3 feet on either side of parked scooter for pedestrian foot traffic.
  • Riders cannot obstruct sidewalk entrance, ramp, or any other ADA accessibility resource when riding or parking the scooter.
  • Parked scooters cannot block fire hydrants, outdoor furniture, or other safety or pedestrian resources.
  • Riders cannot park on personal property.
  • Scooters cannot be parked in parking spots meant for cars and motorcycles.
  • Scooters should be parked next to or near bicycle racks. Look for the "Park Here" stickers. If parking near a bike rack is not an option, scooters may be parked in bike racks.

If a scooter is parked in a prohibited zone, please call +1 (855) 836-2256 or email for Veo staff to come move it.

SIU Campus

To keep our pedestrians safe, crosswalks are a NO RIDE ZONE. Please dismount the scooter and push it across all crosswalks.

When possible, please park scooters at or near the bike racks. Make sure to leave space for personal bicycles.

Please be aware of pedestrians and respect their use of the sidewalks and driving lanes!


When there are no bike lanes or sidewalks available, riders can drive the scooters on the road with normal traffic. Please make sure to follow the laws of the road!

Users are encouraged to park in a way that doesn't block sidewalks, regardless of where they are in the city. This may mean parking in the "parkway" (strip of grass between sidewalk and curb), the side of the sidewalk, or any public hardscaping.

Service Map

Veo scooters are available for use in the highlighted area below, including the SIU campus. For a live map that shows active locations for all scooters, download the VeoRide app.

Map of Veo service areas around carbondale, mostly centering around SIU Campus