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Saluki Food Pantry

The Saluki Food Pantry provides food assistance to students in times of need, helping them to stay in school and meet their educational goals.

Mission Statement: Develop and sustain a food pantry on the campus at SIU Carbondale to serve food insecure students. The food pantry will provide an opportunity for SIU students to serve other students and engage in conversations and solutions around food insecurity.

Where is the Saluki Food Pantry located?
The Saluki Food Pantry is located on the Lower Level of the Student Center. The easiest way to the food pantry is to take the stairs/elevator, next to Starbucks, down to the Lower Level. Once on the Lower Level, walk straight ahead and you’ll see it on your right. Floor Map

Students needing assistance can email or inquire at the Dean of Students office in the Student Services building (4th Floor). Building Hours

Who may use the food pantry?
The pantry is available to any student with a valid SIU ID.

How much do items at the food pantry cost?
Nothing! All items are free to our guests.

How much food does an individual receive?
Students visiting the Saluki Food Pantry receive enough food for each family member residing in their household to eat for approximately 3 days.

What items are available?
Non-perishable food items and toiletries.

First Time Use Application
If you are new to the Saluki Food Pantry you will be asked to fill out a short survey on your first visit. The information provided on this form will only be seen by the staff responsible for the food pantry and used for internal reporting. Personal information will be kept confidential and only statistical information will be used. To save time, you may fill out this form online which is submitted directly to the Food Pantry.


For more information contact the Saluki Food Pantry.