Greek Composites with Student Affairs Media Team

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Marketing and Graphics offers Greek Composites

Student Center Marketing and Graphics is partnering with the Craft Shop to offer Greek composite photography, printing, and framing services! We can provide everything you will need for an amazing composite including:

  • professional photography services
  • backdrops
  • lighting
  • drapes
  • retouching
  • design
  • printing
  • framing

If you are interested in only part of the process (photo services, printing, etc.), we are able to help! Please fill out the request form and indicate what we can help you with.

If your organization has a sweetheart, mascot, or pet you would like to be featured in your composite, we can do that at no additional cost! Just make sure they come in (accompanied by a member of your organization) during the week we take photos.

Composites will be scheduled for all organizations during one week in the spring semester. If you are interested in using the Student Affairs Media Team for your composites, please submit a request by April 1, 2022. We will then work with all interested organizations to coordinate dates.

Thank you for choosing Student Center Marketing and Graphics! We look forward to being part of your Greek experience.

By choosing Student Center Marketing and Graphics for your Greek composite, you can receive:

  • printed and framed large-format composite
  • individual small copies of the composite for each member (can be framed if requested, additional cost will apply)
  • digital folder with each individual's photo and a digital copy of the full composite

If your organization has other framing options and just wants the printed composite, we can do that! Just indicate it in the request form here.

Pricing Information

We understand that composites can be expensive, which is why our pricing includes taking all the photos, editing and retouching, composite design and printing. It's an all-inclusive flat rate!

Framing options are priced separately, but we will include it in your final quote.

Pricing Options

Amount of People

Cost (framing options priced separately)

15 or under $300.00
16 to 20 $350.00
21 to 30 $400.00
31 to 40 $450.00
41 to 50 $500.00
51 to 60 $550.00
61 to 70 $600.00
71 to 80 $650.00
81 or over $700.00

Framing Options

(in order of least to most expensive)

Framing Options

Arquadia Black

(on backorder until late April)


Two-Tone Mahogany


Mahogany Small-Step


Academic Gold

(on backorder until late April)

Composite Production Timeline:

  • Please submit all composite requests by April 1, 2022. Composite requests can be submitted here.
  • Headshots will be taken between mid-April and early May, depending on organization members' availability. We will try to do headshots for all organizations at once and will work with everyone's schedules.
  • Once the photos have been taken, our staff will edit the headshots and design your composite. Pending your feedback, a completed composite and final headshots will be ready for print by the end of June.
  • If you have requested a printed and framed composite, the Craft Shop will then order your needed materials and assemble your composite. Please allow time for ordering, shipping, and building your final composite (roughly 1 month, depending on staff availability)
  • Your framed composite will be available to pick up in the beginning of the fall semester between August and September!