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The wood shop is your all-things-wooden project headquarters. Want to make a new book shelf for your dorm room? Build a spice rack for your parents? All you have to do is sign up for a one-week, month, semester, or year-long pass to the wood shop, take a small proficiency test, sign the waiver, and start creating! Our staff can help you with your project as you go or you can browse through our huge selection of project magazines. We carry on-hand a huge selection of medium and hard woods and even some exotic woods.

Wood Shop Fees

SIU Students Community
$5 for 2 day pass $10 for 2 day pass
$15 for 2 weeks pass $25 for 2 weeks pass
$25 for a semester pass $35 for a semester pass

The Wood Shop features:

  • Table saw and scroll saw
  • Belt sanders and many handheld sanders
  • Just about any hand tool you would need
List of Available Wood

Rules of the Wood Shop