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The Student Center wants you to have a fantastic year and get connected with fellow Salukis! Find updates and stay informed about activities, events, promotions, and resources online via our most prominent departments' Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Our social media regularly hosts giveaways, interactive games, student features, event highlights, and much more. Followers who participate are able to win various prizes throughout the semester. Make sure you're following the Student Center social media accounts to learn more!

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Student Center

Facebook: @SIUStudentCenter
Twitter: @SIUStudentCen
Instagram: @siustudentcenter
TikTok: @siustudentcenter
YouTube: SIU Student Center

Office of Student Engagement

Facebook: @SIUGetInvolved
Twitter: @SIUGetInvolved
Instagram: @siugetinvolved

Student Programming Council

Facebook: @spc.siu
Twitter: @SPC_SIUC
Instagram: @spc_siuc

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Facebook: @FSLSIU
Twitter: @SIU_FSL
Instagram: @siu_fsl

Craft Shop

Facebook: Craft Shop SIU
Twitter: @CraftShopSIUC
Instagram: @siu_craftshop

Esports Team

Facebook: @siucesports
Twitter: @SIU_Esports 
Instagram: @siu_esports
Discord: SIU Esports

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Facebook: @SouthernIllinoisUniversityCarbondale
Twitter: @SIUC
Instagram: @thisissiu
TikTok: @thisissiu
YouTube: SIUC