Helpful Riding Tips

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Students at SIU in Carbondale ride at no additional cost with a valid QR Code. 

  • QR Codes may be obtained at the Saluki Express website.
  • QR Codes are emailed to a student’s email address. They can be saved as a photo on a smart phone or printed.  QR Codes are scanned each time the passenger boards the bus.
  • It is not necessary to download the QR Code more than once.
  • During semesters that a student is paying the SIU Mass Transit Fee, the QR Code will work.
  • Community members, staff, faculty and others not paying the SIU Mass Transit Fee (students only taking classes online, for example) may purchase a pass from the Saluki Express driver or by visiting a Rides Mass Transit District office at these locations.


Departure times are approximate and based on times given on the routes page.

All passengers are required to display a valid QR Code. A class schedule will not be accepted in lieu of a QR code.

RMTD reserves the right to deny entrance to any individual displaying unruly or belligerent behavior. If the individual is on the bus, he/she may be asked to leave at the next scheduled bus stop.

There is no eating, drinking of ay sort, or smoking permitted on the bus. Schedules are subject to change when system alterations are required; any deviations from the original schedule will be announced prior to implementation.

Many bus routes and policies originate with the Mass Transit Advisory Board, which can be emailed at If you have any questions or concerns contact the Rides Mass Transit District at 618-253-8761, or from this web page. 


Download the Transloc Rider App for iPhone or Droid, or use Transloc to see the live updates of bus arrivals.

Arrive at your stop a few minutes ahead of the time the bus is due to arrive. Saluki Express drivers make every effort to operate on schedule, however, arriving a few minutes early will help to ensure that buses are not missed.

Please wait at designated Saluki Express bus stop sign.

Please have your QR Code or pass ready when boarding, this will help the driver keep on schedule.

After dark, passengers are encouraged to utilize Night Safety Transit. 

Please refrain from eating, drinking of any sort, or smoking on Saluki Express.