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SIU E-Sports Arena

SIU Esports Arena Tour

Account Creation 

All patrons must sign up for a free GG Leap account through the Bowling & Billiards desk to use an Arena PC. Every user needs to create a unique gamer username. 

Sub Accounts:

Some games require a separate free account login to be played. To do this ahead of time, visit: 

In-App Purchases 

If patrons have a pre-existing game license under one of the four accounts listed above that’s currently not available, the game won’t be available for game play. Please email for special game requests. 

Cost per hour 

  • Student | $3.00 
  • Staff/Faculty | $3.50 
  • Public | $4.00

10 Hour Packs:

  • Student | $25.00
  • Staff/Faculty | $30
  • Public | $35
Group/party reservations: contact

Loading Funds

After logging into any Esports PC, a clock will begin and account balances will be charged accordingly. To load funds into an account, visit the official Esports Arena desk in the Billiards area. SIU students/staff/faculty can use their University IDs to identify their account. Non-SIU patrons can provide a phone number tied to the account. Payments accepted are debit/credit, Debit Dawg, and cash.