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Saluki Spokes

Group Fixing Bikes

Free Bike Repair

Roll on in and check out Saluki Spokes, located in the Student Center Craft Shop, courtesy of the 2008 Student Affairs Innovation Awards. Saluki Spokes has basic materials and tools so that you can fix your own bike and get back on the road. The tools are free to check out. The Student Center also has an exterior self service fix-it station located on the South entry of the building.

Paid Bike Services

Saluki Spokes also has paid services with a technician throughout the week to help tackle more difficult jobs. Please call 618/453-3636 or email to schedule a service appointment.

It's our hope that students, staff, and faculty increase their bicycle usage on the SIU campus as basic bicycle care is now available six days a week.

Also check out Bike Watch to help provide security for your bike.