Making Online Deposits

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2. Click on the Sign In drop down menu and select the green Sign In button

Debit Dawg

3. The page below should come up
4. In the Network ID box type your Network ID (siu85xxxxxxx)
5. In the Password box type your Network Password

SalukiNet Login

6. On the SalukiNet page you will need to type Debit Dawg in the search bar

Debit Dawg Search Bar

7. Select the Debit Dawg icon

Debit Dawg Icon

8. The first line will show your current balance
9. Click on Deposit to Debit Dawg by Credit Card to add money to your Debit Dawg account

Debit Dawg Balance

10. After selecting Deposit to Debit Dawg by Credit Card, the page below should be displayed

Debit Dawg Balance

11. On the “Deposit to Debit Dawg” screen, enter the dollar amount in the Amount Section then click Proceed to Confirm Amount button

Debit Dawg Balance

12. Click Proceed to to deposit: $X.XX by Credit Cart to your Debit Dawg Account button

Debit Dawg Deposit Page

Authorization Page13. Complete all pertinent information on the authorization page and click Pay Now to process
14. You will now be directed to a page thanking you for your deposit

REMINDER: Funds deposited will not be made available until 9 am the following business day