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Student Center Live Sessions

The Student Center offers a variety of ways to enjoy music; whether you're a musician or listener. We have many "in-house" volunteer musicians that our students love listening to. This semester, we decided to make it even easier to find your favorite musicians and other live events by creating Live Sessions at the Student Center. The schedule shows where each musician plans on playing throughout the semester. As our artists are students, the schedule is flexible, but most days you should be able to find them at a piano or elsewhere with their official "Live Sessions" badge on. Check back for later for the fall schedule!

Bluegrass Jam
Featuring Mark Stoffel and Friends
Friday, May 24, from 12-1 p.m.


 Meet Our Musicians!


Danae Price
Sophomore from Carbondale, IL
Major: Music Theory-Composition
Plays improv, jazz, and classical

"I've been playing since I started piano lessons at age 4. One of my favorite things to do is to sit down at the piano and improv! I love teaching music to kids and currently have 9 students in the Carbondale area. I also enjoy playing guitar, eating tacos, and surfing Pinterest."



Nathaniel Jordan
Junior from Rockford, IL
Major: Plant Biology - Molecular and Biochemical Physiology
Plays his own music
@nate_jordan1 and @sprekk_

"I started playing piano by accident. My mom purchased one for the house and I sat down and started playing around on the keys. I launched my first start-up in April of 2018. Sprekk is an on demand phone repair company in Carbondale, Illinois. Flash forward 10 months later and we are now a small team of 5 that is working to revolutionize the phone repair industry."


Prem Rana
Freshman from Bolingbrook, IL
Major: Computer Science/ Digital Media
Plays Jazz

"I took piano lessons when I was 9 because my best friend was taking lessons and I thought it was cool. I also produce music! I’m not that good yet, but hopefully by getting better at piano I can make better music."