Saluki Strength Breast Cancer Scholarship Recipients

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Saluki Strength Breast Cancer Scholarship Recipients



Deborah Emerson

Major: Painting, Art History Minor

"The Saluki Strength Scholarship has helped me to continue with my studies here at SIU. Without this great gift, that might not have been possible. This scholarship and the people who fund it acknowledge the strength, determination and struggle it takes to cope with that disease, and the financial hardship that it often leaves behind. I thank everyone at the Paul Simon Policy Institute for their compassion and generosity."


Joseline Marquez

Major: Behavior Analysis and Therapy

"I knew my mom wanted me to be successful in life and that's what I plan to do. I want to make her proud and be someone in life."


Katelyn McTaggart

Major: Biological Sciences

"Our lives were permanently changed in ways that we never could have imagined. Five years later, breast cancer continues to impact each person in my family emotionally and financially. It is an issue that weights heavy on our hearts every single day, and it will continue to do so for the rest of our lives."


Randy Ramirez

Major: Special Education

"My wife was so brave and courageous during her battle with breast cancer. We are thankful she is still with us. Her love and support during my education has been amazing. She has shown me that nothing is impossible and that together we can get through anything. This scholarship will help relieve some of the financial stress that comes along with continuing education and caring for a survivor of breast cancer." 


Alexis Renner

Major: Management

"Cancer taught me not to take advantage, that it does not discriminate, and that tomorrow is not promised."


Elise Wells

Major: Forestry

"I know whatever I encounter in my life I will beat it, because I have been taught there is no other choice but to adapt and overcome. Tough times don't last, but tough people do."


Elizabeth Andrews
Major: Marketing

"If awarded this money I will use it towards my loans that both I and my father have taken out. The expenses for my mothers’ treatments affected us more than expected."


Rachel Boehmert

Major: Behavior Analysis

"Cancer scared me but helped me develop a love for life at the same time. Looking back, it has been a factor that makes me want to help people move forward from harsh life events that aren’t always preventable."


Stephanie Mueller

Major: German Studies & International Studies

"My mother was so brave and tough throughout the whole experience, and I relied upon her for my own strength and find that to this day I still hold that strength in my heart, and when I think of what we went through together, suddenly the world does not seem so scary."


Julie Driebergen

Major: Geology/Zoology

"I know somewhere my mom is looking down, being proud of what I accomplished..."


Courtney Taylor

Major: Exercise Science

"This money will aid me in my education by allowing me to further my academic career and complete my goal of obtaining my Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy..."